Entegris – Jetalon produces the next generation of fluid analysis systems for the most demanding manufacturing applications. Our products use miniaturized optical sensors to provide real-time monitoring of the key process parameters of liquids and gases, including concentration, dew point, and temperature. Entegris – Jetalon monitors are non-contact, highly accurate, customizable and fast.

Compared to conventional analysis systems, Entegris – Jetalon tools offer:

- Complete process transparency
- Flexible, customizable installation
- Measurements in fractions of a second
- Compatibility with a vast combination of chemicals
- Seamless installation
- Minimal operating and maintenance costs

Our compact, highly reliable products feature built-in diagnostics and intuitive calibration tools.

How Entegris – Jetalon Monitors Work:

All of Entegris – Jetalon's fluid concentration analysis systems feature miniaturized, fully integrated optical subassemblies that illuminate a fluid at point-of-use. The circuitry measures the response; algorithms translate the results into a concentration measurement; and the device displays the results. Entegris – Jetalon provides the only miniaturized, high resolution refractometer analysis system available today.


Entegris – Jetalon monitors can be operated inline or standalone, with or without an external computer. The entire monitoring system can be customized for the installation environment, including sensor heads end connection sizes; materials of construction; response time; I/O protocols; flow cells; dip probes; and software. With a computer attached, Entegris – Jetalon's connect™ software enables quick field calibrations, extensive data acquisition and detailed system diagnostics.

Data Transfer:

All Entegris – Jetalon tools offer flexible digital and analog communication options for data transfer to programmable logic controllers (PLCs), SCADA systems and other host or centralized computer systems.

Purchasing information:

For product pricing and availability, please contact Entegris – Jetalon or email





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