SRSensor™ and SPSensor™: Refractive Index Sensors

Entegris – Jetalon Solutions's SRSensor™ and SPSensor™ are MEMS devices based on refractive index principles of operation. Elegant and streamlined, SRSensor is a miniaturized electro-optical device exceeding the performance of large-scale laboratory instruments for chemical concentration monitoring at a fraction of the cost. The SRSensor measures refractive index in a specular reflectivity light scattering geometry, allowing for quick and extremely precise (0.05wt%) liquid concentration measurement with a 150 millisecond response time.

The light emitted by the SRSensor's light-emitting-diode (LED) shines onto the backside of a sapphire (borosilicate glass, quartz or diamond) window and reflects into a photo detector array (PDA). The front side of the window is in contact with the fluid under analysis. The SRSensor optical geometry eliminates absorption and diffraction effects that severely limit the applicability of conventional refractometry-based instruments. The SRSensor is assembled into a package approximately 0.5 inches by 0.375 inches by 0.25 inches in size. The SRSensor replaces commercial refractive index, conductivity, near-infrared, UV-vis and auto-titration instruments that are more than 20 times its size and more costly to purchase and operate. The SRSensor enables Entegris – Jetalon Solutions to provide the only miniaturized high resolution refractometer analysis system available today.

SRSensor's Key Technology Differentiators:

- Reflection geometry enables opaque fluids
- Miniaturized packaging (2.5 x 0.6 x 1.6 cm3)
- Compact active area of 0.03 x 0.4 mm2
- Flexible optical design
- Adaptable window materials for any environment
- Glass, quartz, sapphire, and diamond
- No moving parts for virtually maintenance-free use
- 150 millisecond response time
- 5 parts in 106 resolution of chemical concentrations
- Scalable manufacturing to 100,000+ unit lot sizes

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