GS-88-VHP™: A Real-Time VHP Concentration and Dew Point Monitor


The Entegris – Jetalon GS-88-VHP™ concentration monitor uses Dew Point Refractometry© to provide real-time measurement of vapor hydrogen peroxide (VHP) concentration, dew point, temperature and ┬Ácondensation of VHP condensate. The digital display unit and the 88-VHP-connect™ software package combine convenient, scalable data interface and acquisition options through a graphical user interface and liquid crystal display (LCD).


- Sterilization in VHP generators
- Sterilization in barrier isolators
- Food & Beverage
- Chemical and Biological warfare

Superior Technology: The GS-88-VHP™ Monitor is superior to both near infrared and electrochemical methods because dew point refractometry offers:

- High accuracy and repeatability in response time
- Wide dynamic range
- Simultaneous measurements of dew point, ┬ÁConcentration and temperature
- Onsite calibration
- Ultra high-purity materials
- Small footprint

For CS-88-VHP™ Concentration Monitor pricing and availability, please contact Entegris – Jetalon Solutions or email