CR-288 Concentration Monitor: Process monitoring for inline liquid chemical applications

Entegris CR-288 Concentration Monitor and 288-connect software package delivers real-time information for point-of-use chemical/mixing blending, spiking and dilution without process intrusion or interruption. The PC-based graphical user interface and LCD display integrate data collection, analysis and field calibration along with convenient, scalable data interface and acquisition options. The optical system calculates real-time concentration and temperature-compensated data, all to improve productivity

The CR-288 concentration sensor features materials and design compatible for use in industrial mixed chemical applications, including:

- Semiconductor
- Flat Panel Display Manufacturing
- Solar/Clean Energy
- Life Sciences

An inline automated test, CR-288 offers multiple benefits over other test methods, including auto-titration and laboratory analysis.


- Implementing CR-288 eliminates the need to grab samples for laboratory analysis, thus saving slurry, labor, and the opportunity cost associated with time spent waiting for results.

- Data is available continuously, at sampling rates of 1.2 seconds.

- The high degree of accuracy, simplified calibration, and temperature corrections enable greater process control. The device itself has no impact on the solution being monitored.

- The flowcell footprint is only 3" x 2" x 4" and comes standard with fine-thread Flaretek®, PrimeLock® and Super 300 Type Pillar® fittings; other end connections available upon request.

- CR-288 has no moving parts. Maintenance is minimal.

Sensor Specifications

Fluid pressure rating: 0 - 5.5 bar (0 - 80 psig)
Fluid temperature rating: 5°- 50°C (41°-122°F)
Process fluid index of refraction range: 1.28000 to 1.46389
Flow cell: Teflon® (modified PTFE)*
Optical window: Semiconductor-grade Sapphire*
Sensor heads: Up to four
Alarm capability: Yes
* Wetted components

For more information, please download the CR-288 Concentration Monitor Data Sheet

CR-288 Concentration Monitor Application Notes

CR-288 Application Note for BEOL Semiconductor Processing

Purchasing information:
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