Semiconductor Market

Concentration Monitoring in the Semiconductor Market

Manufacturing innovation trends in the semiconductor, solar, flat panel display, and disk drive industries are driving the need for better process control, increasing the demand for Entegris – Jetalon's products.

Applications for liquid concentration monitoring span the range of processes required in liquid chemical systems in Semiconductor and related markets, and Entegris – Jetalon tools have a place in all of them.

Entegris – Jetalon Solution:

CR-288 is now the Semiconductor industry's de facto concentration monitoring system for hydrogen peroxide in CMP slurries.

CR-288 is used for liquid concentration monitor and control in all wet processing areas including Front-End-of-Line and Back-End-of-Line surface preparation (SC1, SC2, hydrofluoric acid, BOE, EKC and ATMI chemicals, IPA, organic acids), photolithography (TMAH and photoresist), CMP (slurry, hydrogen peroxide) and post-CMP cleans.

See CR-288 for implementation diagrams and case studies.