Entegris – Jetalon products enable manufacturers to develop a new generation of advanced manufacturing processes with accuracy and response levels previously unattainable on a factory floor.

While the current line of concentration monitors is being implemented primarily in the Semiconductor, Life Sciences, and Solar/Clean Energy industries, Entegris – Jetalon's product technologies have applications in a broad spectrum of markets in which real-time precision measurement is critical. These markets include:

- Automobile
- Flat panel display
- Solar
- Biopharmaceutical
- Food and beverage
- Healthcare
- Alternative fuels
- Energy
- Chemical processing
- Pulp and paper

With custom designs and a broad chemical compatibility, Entegris – Jetalon's products have applications in all wet chemical processing including cleaning process, all liquid process monitoring, quality acceptance/quality control, and sterilization.


Applications and Process Areas



CMP Slurry Delivery

H202, Slurries, KOH


FEOL Surface Prep

HF, NH4F, SC1, SC2, BOE, SPM, NH3, HCl, IPA, H3PO4, H2SO4, HNO3, H2SO4


Post-CMP cleans

DHF, ESC-784, ST-250, BTA, citric acid, Ammonia


BEOL Surface Prep

EKC-265, solvents, organic acids



TMAH, photoresist



Cu2+, electroplating bath chemistry


Thin Film Solar

Cu2+,  Thiourea, CdSO4, Na4OH

Life Sciences

Buffer Processes

NaCl, NaPO4, Hepes, NaCitrate, P80,Triton, PVP/saline, ethanol, methanol,


Media Prep

HamF10, Dulbecco MEM, RPMI, Medium 199 Earle, NEA, Broths, Yeast extract


Clean in Place (CIP)

WIFI, caustics, acids


Personal Care

Cosmetics, fragrances, lotions, emulsions, gels, solvents

Solar/Clean Energy

Moisture content in process chemicals and materials

NMP, Electrolytes