Business Advantages

What can Entegris – Jetalon Solutions' unique technology do for your process?

Accurate Data

Entegris – Jetalon Solutions metrology instruments have been tested independently and in multiple contexts.

Fast Data

On the batch scale, the metrology instruments provide feedback about your process in milliseconds, not minutes or hours like other methods. Data is delivered inline without time lost waiting for laboratory analysis. On the process scale, the metrology instruments can be quickly installed, calibrated and recalibrated on-site without factory assistance.

Robust and Custom Data

Entegris – Jetalon Solutions devices are process transparent, provide more robust data with no moving parts, and are constructed of materials designed for ultra high-purity and caustic liquid environments. These devices are customizable for your unique installation environment, including variable sensor heads, connection sizes, materials of construction, response time, I/O protocols, flow cells, dip probes, and software.

What can better data get you?
- More precise formulation
- Shorter batch process times and installation/transition times
- Reduced labor and material costs
- Higher throughput and quality products

Entegris – Jetalon Solutions:

Scientifically superior measurements, transparent installation, robust performance, and focused technical service. Process knowledge is power.